What Difference Will YOU Make?

If you believe so powerfully that you can impact the world.

Let it be so.



Now let's make sure people around you believe it too.



  • Functional Engagement Tool

    An Implemented functional engagement tool to get people into your attention circle where you can nurture all your relationships to ascend them to paying clients? Whether you meet someone on the plane, speak at an event or simply meet them on LinkedIn or Facebook.


  • Your Gift Packaged

    Your unique gift to the world packaged into easily understandable and bite size engagements and worded in the conversations that are already existing in your prospects minds. Our writers and content creators will add the marketing twist to get your audience to experience who you really are.

  • Aligned Online Presence

    A Fully aligned online presence. From engagement and landing pages, websites, branding and launch graphics, we ensure your digital presence is fully reflective of what you stand for but more importantly that there is always an irresistible next step for your prospects to engage with you.

  • Your Legacy

    Your Legacy out there in the world. We each have been cultivating unique skills in our lifetime and with Proof School, you will have a digital journey that encapsulates who you are and what your gift is. Similar to the book you want to write before you die. Be remembered for the impact you leave behind.

As an entrepreneur, I knew I had to put together and communicate my value proposition and brand clearly to inspire my clients. Unfortunately, too many service providers offer one piece of the puzzle rather than the whole thing.  Until I found the Proof School,


a novel system that enables you to move you offering center stage

by utilizing their highly-curated environment.  


I participated in the Proof School process late last year.  I must say it was one of the best business decisions I made for my growing business.  From the development and performance of my Proof Talk, my “why”, to putting together my multi-module video micro course in a professional environment, the experience was absolutely incredible and rewarding to me and my business.  


Dan and Stacy Lievens guided me through their remarkable program from beginning to end.  And, even when my talk was out in the world inspiring others and my micro course was completed and shared with my ideal clients, Dan and Stacey continue to provide support and guidance to me, as well as encourage me from the sidelines as I evolve and grow my company.  I look forward to continuing to work with them and the Proof School as I grow and evolve my company.

Erin Duffy

Founder and Transformational Coach



Proof School How it works

An out-of-the box visceral customer engagement journey based on your true purpose and WHY.

Designed to help you be understood and seen for what you really stand for.


Flip the conversation from selling, to being seen and experienced as a trusted person to solve a specific problem.

We cull the most compelling stories, align them with an engaging strategy and create engagement tools to convert them to customers.

  • Phase 1: Excavate

    Proof Discovery Session

    Find out the personal stories that support why you do what you do in the world. This deep dive, one-on-one, video call with Dan “The Excavator” Lievens, unveils the five signature pillars that support your success: your roles, your stories, your worth, your wisdom and your gift to the world. This discovery process is the building blocks to creating authentic and engaging content.

  • Phase 2: Analyze

    In-depth Business and Customer Assessment.

    With years of experience running incubators, accelerators and building start-ups, we bring business acumen to this process.  In this phase, we take a deep dive into your business and your clients.  This engagement strategy is designed to identify your ideal client and how to fit them into your business.  Who are they? What do they need? What will get their attention and where do we find them? After finding out what keeps them up at night, we show you how to rescue them with your services.

  • Phase 3: Ideate

    Design a customized engagement strategy

    With careful consideration of your purpose, your business, your prospects and their needs,  we build a one of a kind engagement journey by marrying your personal stories with a compelling engagement sequence, a messaging journey that takes them from cold lead to converted customer. The key here is to flip the relationship from you being a vendor to you being a trusted savior.

  • Phase 4: Production

    Content Creation

    With a full understanding of your voice, we script write all of your necessary content.  From Lead Courses, Evergreen Webinar, Video Sales Letter or Proof Talk, we position you as an industry expert who gives tremendous value.

    In this stage, we storyboard all your content and work with you create the content.  You can chose to come to our film studios outside of Philadelphia or we ship the studio to you and teach you how to record yourself. Our expert editors will make you look and sound like a professional on air talent.

  • Phase 5: Implementation

    Product Launch & Support

    With decades of technology experience, we will match you with the best online platform and implement the entire customer journey for you.  This includes online courses, surveys, email campaigns, nurture campaigns, automations and sequencing. 

    We will also train you and your staff to maintain this automation tool. For those who need support after the first 30 days, ongoing maintenance contracts are available.  This is customized to your needs but remember that our main philosophy is that we don't stop until you get prospects through your funnel.

I feel very privileged that I first had Stacey Lievens as my mentor & leader in an extensive marketing mastermind program I decided to join a couple years ago. She brought much needed expertise and the ability to help me see how to get in front of a new audience that I could connect with - and give something of value to - in a way I was trying to define but couldn’t quite grasp how.    

I then had the privilege of meeting Dan Lievens while demonstrating for Stacey how D’Aubyn Color works. What struck me most was the process of his inquisitiveness. It was clear he was asking everything from the perspective of truly wanting to know and understand, which was indeed a breath of needed air from all the previous “business-minded” folks I’d tried to lean into. There was very little assumption and a great quantity of curiosity - not something I’ve come across in my 30 year endeavor.


I knew I needed to work with this amazing duo! The question was when would this time be? Strangely, when I had the least funding to dive in with them was the Exact moment I knew I needed to. 


COVID19 happened and I found myself in “the perfect storm” as they say. I knew what I had was something A Lot of people would need before they even knew, but I was still “Not Out There” 


"Within weeks of working with Dan & Stacey, I have made more progress to get D’Aubyn Color on the map than I have in the last decade. "


I don’t know what goes on behind the scenes @ the Lievens, but whatever it is, there’s some-kinda-magic happening with those two! 


The talent, skill, and competency in their ability to produce quality content and bring to life the essence of D’Aubyn Color is something I’ve dreamed of for - well truly, for Ever! 

KJ D'Aubyn

Sage of sustainable Hair Color



Break away from the traditional sales funnel and ask yourself, "Am I on Purpose?"


Is what I'm offering elevating the consciousness of the people I want to impact.


Learn to leverage digital innovation to gain the competitive advantage to get your service in front of
the most influential eyeballs, making the decision to buy from you.


Proof School gave me the most incredible life-changing opportunity to explore the experiences and moments of my life in a way that have allowed me to wrap my entire life and the lessons I've learned into a powerful 5 minute story; my story of living, thriving and wanting to impact the world.

With this story in hand, we set out to build a few customer engagement journeys including an online course that speaks to my life's work and allows prospects to experience me and my work.  


"What really makes Proof School different is that it isn't just business coaching, our work is actually implemented into an integrated tech platform."


Having Stacey and Dan on my team has allowed me to quickly pivot and execute on different perspectives of my business.

Kimberly Price

Wellness Coach

Be A Thriver


 Successful Student Case Studies

KJ D'Aubyn

Sage of Sustainable Hair Color

KJ and her chemist husband have been working on revolutionizing the hair coloring industry for two decades.  They have created a non-damaging and very forgiving hair coloring system.

Within days of joining Proof School, in full quarantine, we launched an SOS kit for those stuck at home without access to their hair care specialist.  Entire customer journey includes multiple video touch points,  tutorials and check-in's. 

We are currently launching a similar campaign designed for out of work hair professionals.   

Sheri' DuMond

Confidence Navigation Strategist

Sheri' came to us with over 25 years as a Corporate Warrior for Big Pharma, she is often tasked to help provide opportunities for women to shatter the glass ceiling and step into higher leadership roles.

We crafted a 12 day multi touch point customer journey including a daily confidence success circle that went out to 500,000 people, leading to her mini-course called Uncrushing Your Confidence, allowing women to step into a stronger leadership role within their company.  

Erin Duffy

Executive Transformational Coach

Erin came to us with a passion and the beginnings of a business. By going through our process, we were able to highlight her beautiful gift as an Executive Transformational Coach. She performed her Proof talk in front of a live audience at our studios and to this day has one of the most views on the Proof Portal.

We built her multiple variations of landing sites targeting executives in different industries driving to her Lead Course: Escape Your Mid-Career Slump

Dr. Robyn Benson

Integrative Wellness Clinic Owner

As the Founder of Santa Fe Soul Wellness Clinic in New Mexico, Dr. Robyn was seeking a way to inform her new patients on her health program.  As a popular podcast guest on shows, she also needed a way to capture leads with an irresistible free gift.  Once in Proof School, she was able to organize her knowledge into a proven system now coined, The Benson Regenerative Protocol, which we quickly turned into a short 35 minute Mini-Course that educates new prospects on what they can expect at her clinic.  
Proof School is the perfect compliment to the launch of her new podcast Younger, she now has a robust listener journey to attract new clients.

Kimberly Price

Be a Thriver Wellness Coach

Cancer survivor and keynote speaker Kimberly Price joined
Proof School to organize and launch her vast collection of
wellness information and programs to the online world.

The biggest value that Proof School Provided was the hands on technology implementation of bringing years of service development into monetized customer engagement journeys. 

Sue Paananen

Online Platform Integrator

Sue is a seasoned platform integrator for online influencers and a Infusionsoft Certified Partner and Reseller.  She came to Proof School to find a way to integrate more personality and personal stories into her business and prospecting.  After going through the Proof School Method, we were able to create a journey and lead magnet to get different level of businesses to connect and understand her services. 

Sue is a great example of someone who did not need the implementation help but more support in fleshing out the engagement and marketing acumen. 

"It was so cool doing that deep dive with you and how attentive you were and gave it back to me. That opened so much in my life. Thank you so much."




Andrew Kroeze

CEO/Founder Tribe Of Buyers

"Ever since I went through the Deep Dive, it has really helped me redefine myself, to have a lens to view my experiences and interactions. It has made me a better attorney, a better person... Unexpected."


Bernard Williams

Managing Partner Company Counsel 

"Going through your process, was phenomenal and really allowed me to connect pieces of my story and my life that I hadn't previously. It is going to allow me to serve my people at a much much deeper level"


Emi Kirschner

Investor, Entrepreneur & Coach



I've done a lot of media, TV, radio and going through this process  actually pulled through me something I don't know I would have identified myself. It is allowing me to expand my message in a way that is truly meaningful to me and I know it will make a huge impact... 

I'm not sure it would have come through without this process.

Alexis Katz

Founder/CEO of New Business Law Model

I've worked a lot on my story before. Nothing has come close to the depth of working with Dan. I feel so grateful because I know that as I continue on my career and as a person, I am more committed to the work that I do."



Dr Robyn Benson

Founder of Amplified Regenerative Therapies- Santa Fe Soul

Meet Dan & Stacey


The Proof is an extension of our own deeply held belief that all people are called to leave their unique mark on the world.


Through amplifying the unique stories and missions of global visionaries, The Proof reveals the kaleidoscopic beauty and infinite possibility of our humanity, and proof positive of a transformed world.


– Dan & Stacey Lievens

Who are we.

We are the founders of The Proof.
A global platform with one simple mission. To excavate your unique purpose and the WHY that drives you. Leverage your wisdom to position you at your highest self. SHARE your unique gift to the world. 

Who do we work with.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, emerging thought leader or simply someone who is at a point in your life where you believe that you can uplift someone else, we work with those who believe that within each one of us is a gift that has the power to transform humanity. 

What we believe.

We believe that within each one of us is a gift, a gift so great that it can change the trajectory of another human. Be the drop that starts the ripple, be the ripple that creates waves and let our waves simply make the world a better place to raise our children. 

What we see in you.

We see a unique individual who has gone through life adopting and learning from all around them starting at birth and sometimes beyond. The composition of these experiences give us a unique superpower that can change someone’s life.

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